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Applying to Adolf Fredriks musikklasser

Applying to Adolf Fredriks musikklasser is different from applying to other schools in Stockholms stad (or other municipal schools in Stockholm). Your child is required to do an entrance test to be considered for a place at the school.


You must register your child to do the entrance exam which will then be used to assess your child for a place at the school.  You may register your child for the entrance exam between 15th October and 15th November the year before your child would be able to begin at the school.  In 2020 the application date has been extended to the 16th November as the 15th November falls on a Sunday. 

The application can either be made using Bank-ID via the city’s online ‘färdighetsprov’ service or by filling in an application form. If your child is in year 3 but was not born in 2011 then you’ll need to apply by filling in the application form.  

Applying using Bank-ID 

  • During the application period you’ll find a link to the online service ‘färdighetsprov’ here on our website. 

Applying by using an application form 

  • If you don’t have Bank-ID you can register your child by filling in an application form. The application form can be found on the school’s website during the application period. The form must be sent to Stockholm stads Kontaktcenter before the 15th November.

You can not put your child in a queue, your child’s result on the entrance exam will determine whether your child will be offered a place or not. The application and test result are valid for one year. If your child is not offered a place and you wish to re-apply, then a new application and entrance exam must be completed.  

Time and place for the entrance exam.  

The entrance exams take place in January. At the beginning of December, individual times for the tests will be sent to the email address given in your application.  The tests will take place at Västmannagatan 19 for applications to both AF Norrmalm and AF in Farsta. 

Entrance exam format 

The entrance exam takes place over two or three days.  All parts are obligatory.  

Day one- group exercises 

Group exercises are designed to help your child prepare for the individual test on day 2.  These exercises take about 45 minutes and are not assessed.  

Day two- individual test 

Individual test which is used for assessment.  The test takes about 12 minutes and between two and five people will be assessing.   

Day 3- theory test for applications to years 5-9 

Is your child applying to year 5-9? Those applicants with the best scores on the singing test will be invited to a written music theory test.  Invitations will be sent to the email address given in your application, once all the singing tests are completed.  

Time and location of the theory test.  

The theory test takes place in February, once all the singing tests are completed, at Västmannagatan 19. It is not possible to do the test on another date. If your child is not invited to a theory test that means they have not received a high enough score in their singing tests.  

More information about the entrance exam: 

Your application is sent to Stockholms stad ‘söka skola’ 

Your application via the online service ‘färdighetsprov’ is sent to Stockholms stad ‘söka skola’. Between 15th January and 15th February you can log in and see the schools you applied to. 

The order in which you rank the schools you apply for is important. When your child is offered a place at a school, the other schools that you ranked lower than that school offering you a place, are no longer valid. 

Information on how to search for schools in Stockholm stad (the information is in Swedish)  

Notification of admission and waiting list 

From 25th March on onwards you can log in to Stockholm stad söka skola and see if your child has been admitted or not.  Your child may have been put on a waiting list even if the notification states ‘not admitted’.  You can find out which number on the waiting list your child has received by calling Stockholm stad kontaktcenter.  

Stockholms stads Kontaktcenter Barn och Ungdom 

Telephone number: 08-508 11 550 

The waiting list is valid up to and including 31st December of the year that your child completed their entrance exam. Students on the waiting list are contacted if a place becomes available during the autumn term but not during the spring term. 

Adolf Fredriks musikklasser’s admissions are based solely on the scores from the entrance exam.  Priority is not given to children living close to the school or children who already have siblings in the school.  

Applicants to year 4 

Every year there are 180 places for year 4 in at AF Norrmalm, and 60 places for year 4 in AF in Farsta.  There are usually a few children who turn down their places, which is why we have a waiting list for those who have completed the entrance exam with a passing mark.  

Applicants to year 5-9 

For years 5, 6, 8 and 9 places are offered to students on the waiting list when a place becomes available. Going into year 7, however, the number of students in each class is increased by two which is why there are 12 standard places available for applicants to year 7.  

Adolf Fredriks musikklasser music program is offered at two schools. 

Since autumn 2015 Adolf Fredriks musikklasser is located at two schools. 

  • Adolf Fredriks musikklasser Norrmalm has years 4-9.  In year 4 there are 180 places.  In year 7 there are 12 places.  In year 5-6 and 8-9 places become available if students transfer to another school.  
  • Adolf Fredriks musikklasser Farsta have years 4-9.  In year 4 there are 60 places and in years 5-9 places become available if students transfer to another school.  

Adolf Fredriks musikklasser in Farsta, homepage

We recommend that you apply to both schools.  It is not possible to apply to the other school after your original application.  Because they are two different schools you must apply to each school separately in order for admission to be possible.