Till innehåll på sidan

Applicants to year 4

What is assessed

During the extrance exam the following skills are tested: singing voice, musical ear, general musicality. Theoretical knowledge and musical instrument skills are not assessed.   

The entrance exam format/structure 

The entrance exam takes place over two days. Note that attendance on both days is obligatory.  

Day 1 - group exercises 

We go through the individual test in the group in order to put everyone at ease.  Applicants are not assessed at this stage.  The group exercise takes about 45 minutes 

Day 2 - individual test 

An individual test which is assessed. The test takes about 10 minutes, 2-5 people are assessing. 

Content of the individual test 

  • Compulsory song 1
    Nu tändas tusen juleljus, verse 1 is sung a cappella  
    Listen to Nu tändas tusen juleljus 
    See the sheet music for Nu tändas tusen juleljus  
  • Compulsory song 2 
    Twinkle, twinkle little star, verse 1, sung a cappella.  The song should be able to be sung from different starting notes. 
    Listen to twinkle, twinkle little star (in Swedish) 
  • Song of your choice 
    A song of your choice, verse 1, is sung a cappella 
  • Chord 
    The applicant listens to different chords which are played on the piano and sings the different tones that are included in the chord (3 and 4 note chords in different inversions) 
  • Melody  
    ​The applicant copies a melody that is played on the piano.
  • Follow the piano 
    A follow-my-leader exercise where the applicant tries to sing along with an improvised melody which is played on the piano. Here what is being assessed is flexibility, range and the ability to quickly change and follow a melody which is being played.
  • Rhythm 
    The applicant copies a rhythm (by tapping a pen on a table) 

Parents wait outside the room while the test is taking place.